Azure Developer Associate - My renewal test experience 10th Aug 2021


In this blog, I will share my Azure Developer Associate renewal test experience. I took the original test in 2019 and I had to take the test again this year in order to keep my certificate valid( i.e approx 2 years after I took the original test).This is the official test link.Link

Clearing the renewal test is equally tricky as the normal one. The only thing being there are a lesser number of questions to answer. To be precise, I had to answer 25 questions in 45 mins. Another good thing about the renewal test is that in case you do not pass the test, you can retake it, as many times as you want before the certification expires. One thing to bear in mind is that, after the first 2 failed attempts, you will have to wait for 24 hours before you can take the test again. You need 68% to clear the test.

Another point to keep in mind is that, though you can retake the tests as many times as you want, you will NOT be provided with the correct answers at end of the test(what's the fun if they provide though 😊 ).Microsoft will compile and assess your answers and give you the result at the end of the test with a pass or fail. They will also indicate how well you performed in each module. But you will never know what you answered correctly and what went wrong.

Microsoft also gives you the learning material in order for you to prepare for the renewal test. The modules provided in the preparation document helps you to narrow down the topics that you need to prepare. Having said that, personally, I would say that in order for you to pass the test, you will have to dwell on topics and understand each topic well. A deep understanding of all concepts is important. Studying and revising the online learning path alone is not enough. If possible, create an Azure account and practice the topics present. Someone with cloud and Azure experience is well placed to pass the exam. I was definitely surprised by some of the questions as they were a bit tricky. Several people have told me they would not have passed without the practice exams.


In my case, topics for the Azure Developer Associate renewal test included:

  • Azure Durable functions,
  • Executing Azure function with triggers,
  • Choose the appropriate API for Azure Cosmos DB,
  • Optimizing the performance of Azure Cosmos DB by using partitioning and indexing strategies and
  • Controlling authentication for your APIs with Azure API management.

Based on my personal experience, I felt the question in the modules "choosing appropriate API for Azure Cosmos DB" and "Optimizing the performance of Azure Cosmos DB by using partitioning and indexing strategies" the toughest. I felt questions were little ambiguous too when it came to picking the right API for Azure Cosmos DB.

Other modules I reckon were quite straightforward.Hope you guys liked this blog.Drop-in questions or comments if you have any. A few of the blogs I wrote related to this certification may be helpful for you.Links below Why do we need Azure Durable Functions and its history
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and if you are taking the exam in near future then good luck !!.And dont forget to share your test experience in the comments box below


To conclude,I hope you would have got the basics of various To conclude,I hope you would have got the basics of various To conclude,I hope you would have got the basics of various application patterns available and that can benefit from Azure Durable function.

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