Using Visual Studio 2017 with GIT 15th May 2019

In this blog am going to take you through step by step process to integrate VS 2017 with GIT repository.I will also let you know how to create a git repository etc

Software Used:
  • Visual Studio 20l7
What we will achieve at the end of this blog
  • Creating GIT Repository
  • Using GIT in VS2017
  • Creating a dummy project and staging,commiting the changes
  • Pusing the changes to the repository
  • Common errors faced and fixes
  • Create a folder in you local machine where you will do the development.I created a folder named "GITVSDemo" in C:\ drive
  • Loginto you git hub account( . Create an accouunt if you dont have one
  • After successfully logging into the github account, Create a repostiory by clicking on "New Repository" button.Also,give name of the repo. (eg gitvsintdemo)
    create repo
  • Ensure above that you create the repo with a "readme" file.This will ensure that a file is created when you create the repo itself
  • Now,once the git repository is created, just check the url of the repo.You can click the "clone" button and get the URL of the repo like shown below
    url repo
  • Now,lets open IDE i.e VS2017 (or the version you have installed).We will also create a project and integrate it with GIT.The source code of the project will be checked into the git repository we created above
  • Click on Team Explorer and then click on Home/Offline and click on settings
    url repo

  • Now click on Settings-→Offline and Manage Connections
    url repo
  • Open command prompt on windows and go to the dev folder("GITVSDemo" in C:\ drive) and type in "git status"
    url repo
    Doing above,confirms that it is still not a git repository
  • Now back to VS, and Click on "clone"
    url repo
  • Cloning will create a .git folder in the dev folder("GITVSDemo" in C:\ drive).Also, "git status" will confirm that this folder is now tracked by git repo
    url repo
  • Create a project in the development folder ("GITVSDemo") we created.I created a project named "Test1"
    Type in "git status" again and you will see that "test1" needs to be added test project
  • Go to Home -→Settings → Repository Settings --> remote repositories -->Remote
    remote repo
  • Ignore the files you dont want to commit. Eg .vs folder,orobj/debug folder etc.Basically anything you dont want to be part of the commited code can be ignored by right clicking the folder and "ignore changes""
    ignore changes
  • "Stage" and "commit" the changes
    Once changes are "staged" you will see them in the "stage changes section" stage changes section
  • Once changes are staged and commited, "Push" to the repo
    push to repo

Common Errors Faced and Solutions:

  1. Issue 1: I was pushing the code to repository (in VS 2017), I was getting an error with error code 403
  2. Solution to above problem is simple.Ensure that you follow these steps
  3. The reason for the error was that earlier I was logged into github using another account and later I changed the github account. However VS never prompted for the change of github account because it stores the github user id and password in the registry. To fix the issue, go to start and click "run" and then type in the command "rundll32.exe keymgr.dll,KRShowKeyMgr"
    Running above command will open "Stored username and passwords" entry and remove the entry for github registryEntry
    Once you remove the entry,then try pushing the commited changes to the repo again then you will see that github box to enter user id and password is prompted.

    So above are the steps to integrate VS with GIT repository.Hope you liked this blog and if you have any queries or comments or feedback please share below or contact me through contact me option on home page..:-)

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