QR Codes: What is it, history and its advantages. 23rd Aug 2020

In this blog we will see what is QRCode,little bit of history of QR Codes and how to generate and scan QR Codes in your application

What is a QR Code

QR code stands for Quick Response code.Many of you might have not heard about QRCode but there is a high probability that you are subconsciously familiar with them.

What better can explain a QR Code than an image?


Now, just take you smartphone out,download any QR reader/scanner application from Google Playstore or Apple store. After downloading open the QR reader app and scan above QRCode.For your reference, I have put my scan and the result image below


If you take a look at the images above, you'll notice that there is this graphic consisting of black squares and dots. This, essentially, is what a QR code looks like.

    Advantages of QR Code
  • QRCode is a two dimensional barcode i.e you can say its an upraded version of barcodes. Upgraded because it can contain more information since they have the ability to hold information both horizontally and vertically (Barcodes only store horizontally).
  • The idea behind a QR code is to create an image and that image can be quickly scanned by a Smartphone.Once you scan this image through an QR Reader application, this QR image gets translated into something more useful. Like we saw in the image above where I have put the result of scanning the QR image above (Gives the url of the website) But the question may arise,why cant you just type in a web address on your phone and visit the website that way? While that may be true, the point of a QR code is to make the whole process simple. How many of you can back themselves writing the url on the browser using Smartphone (or tablet PC) keyboards without any mistake in one go. Compared to it,scanning is far more simpler and accurate.Also, people simply can't be bothered to type in website addresses on their Smartphone.
  • Other advantage of QR code is its versatility. QR codes can be used for anything and everything. They are useful from customer as well as businesses point of view. For example, a business saves money and advertising costs by distributing a QR code to their website or URL.
  • QR codes can be used to engage with rich content.We know words are good to advertise something. Pictures are even better. But best way to express yourself these days is through video or audio. Videos stick to your mind.These forms of rich content can easily be shared via a QRCode. When user scans the QR code, simply redirect the user to the video or the website you want him/her to go
Technical implementaion- QR code generation and reading on your website( Using Javascript)

Now we know what QR Code is, if you are keen how to generate QRCode and implenent a QR code reader on your website, then refer another blog of mine.The link to that blog is QR-Technical Implementation

So this ends this tutorial on QRCodes. Am sure with this you can make changes and achieve much more.Hope it was helpful.Please feel free to leave comments or email me at "techspacedeck@gmail.com"

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