Azure Application Insights 05th March 2022


In this blog, we will explore Azure Application Insights.We will see how we can use Azure application insights in our application. Hope you would like it. Application Insights is a feature of Azure Monitor that provides extensible application performance management (APM) and monitoring for live web applications.It is not only useful for Developers but also for DevOps professionals.

Application Insights service contains tools,contains tools, to monitor, collect data and analyze its health and other performance metrics of the applications.It can help in identifying anomalies and monitoring the performances of applications deployed anywhere irrespective of their technology.Azure application insights can monitor the application deployed on Azure.It can also monitor the application that is deployed "on-premises" or any other cloud provider platforms (eg AWS or GCP). If your business requires mobile app to send telemetry data,then look no further than Azure Application Insights.

Benefits of Azure Application Insights

Exceptions and performance diagnostics.


Interactive data analysis.


Azure diagnostics.


Proactive detection.


Automatically detect performance anomalies.


Understand User Behaviour on your web application


Support wide variety of platforms. Eg .NET,Java etc


Works for apps hosted on-premises,hybrid or any other public cloud like AWS, GCP etc

How to start up on Azure Application Insights.

I have created a tutorial on how to use Azure Application Insights in your project. The tutorial covers every step right from creating project in Visual Studio,Creating Azure application insights on the Azure cloud and then integrating the project with AI.The idea of this video is to get you started so that you can jump the inital hurdles easily. I reckon jumping the intial hurdle of setup will help you explore more opporptuneis what Azure AI has to offer. The tutorial also covers various options you can use with Azure that would help you monitor you application

My YouTube video tutorial on Azure Application Insights


To conclude, I hope you got a better idea of Azure Application Insights. I also hope you would be in a better position to monitor your web application.

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